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Re: ecos on OMAP710 using CCS

Batra Rajat-r7aadp wrote:

I am trying to load redboot into RAM on my OMAP710 based board. I have
succesfully created a redboot.elf using ecos2.0 and the innovator for
arm9 config file. When I try to load redboot onto the board using CCS
version 2.2 using File/load program and selecting my redboot.elf file,
I get an error stating that the application has terminated because of
possible stack overflow, or writing into the wrong place.  In fact CCS
shuts down. Am I even close to following the right steps?  If so, what
might be the problem?

This isn't really the right forum. You'll get a better chance of good responses to future queries in the ecos-discuss list.

As for your problem, it looks like CCS is having a problem with the image, rather than the image being necessarily invalid. See if CCS can load another format like SREC or just raw binary to the correct address.

If you're not sure if your binary has been built for the correct address for the memory map of your board, you could verify by using "arm-elf-objdump -h redboot.elf".

One possible thing certainly is to verify you have built RedBoot for RAM startup type.

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