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Re: Way forward with FSF

Andrew Lunn wrote:
The idea is that instead of assigning to RH, contributors could assign direct to individual maintainers. When the FSF is sorted out, the individual maintainer(s) will assign everything at that point to the FSF. Another possibility is to assign to eCosCentric, and eCosCentric would make a public commitment to assign to the FSF immediately once everything is going. That might be easier logistically, but I can understand it if others here are hesitant about this. But the public commitment may address this.

When you say "...assign direct to individual maintainers", do you mean
one named person, or the maintainers as a whole? Could eCosCentric
handle the paperwork, but the assignments be to the maintainers as a
whole? That gives a degree of separation from eCosCentric which might
make some people happier.

It either has to be named individuals or eCosCentric. There is no other legal entity to assign to, and it has to be a legal entity.

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