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Request for references for SAE congress 2004 paper

	Dear Sirs.:
	I'm writing a paper titled "Open-source Software for Engine Model Development 
and Testing", to be presented at the SAE congress 2004. In a section of the 
paper I list open-source software that could be used for such applications, 
including your realtime operating system. You can check what I have written 
	You may notice I mention your operating system, but not any software related 
to it. The only reason is my lack of knowledge. I would be very thankfull if 
you let me know about software that may fall in any of the following 
	- Code development tools: Tools to help developing and debugging code for the 
realtime system.
	- Laboratory Monitoring: Tools to perform plotting, data-logging, tuning, 
etc. when working in the laboratory.
	- Hardware Drivers: Programs to control hardware connected to laboratory 
equipment, mainly inputs and outputs, digital and analogic.
	Notice the paper only considers open-source software.
	I would also appreciate references to papers about design or applications of 
any of the mentioned software.
	Ivan Martinez

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