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hjcho wrote:

I’m Hyeonjoong Cho, a Ph.D student in Virginia Tech. We are looking for an appropriate hardware and software for our project. We initiated our project about the scheduling algorithm in multi-processor environment. As you know, it is about the development of an efficient algorithm to allocate tasks to multi processors. So, we need the operating system supporting SMP board and developing environment.

We found out your ECOS in the web and we have some questions to decide whether it is appropriate for our goal.

1. Is ECOS supporting the SMP(symmetric multiprocessors)? If it is, what kind of board and CPU can it support?

Yes it does, and it currently supports a standard PC with SMP in the public eCos port.

Can we purchase them together from you because we don’t have any plan to develop hardwares.

You don't need to purchase eCos: it's available from the web site:

You only need to pay money if you want things like a CD-ROM sent to you (link in sig) but that's a convenience thing.

2. I want to know the price of OS and development tools.


3. Can you tell me your opinion about whether your OS are appropriate for our project?

The eCos kernel comes with its own schedulers, although it was originally designed with a plug-in scheduler architecture so you can add your own scheduler in addition to the ones already there. Hopefully whatever you add should be able to fit into the existing design.

Currently only the "multi-level queue" scheduler, which is the default scheduler, supports SMP.

If you do make any interesting enhancements to eCos, we'd love to hear from you.

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