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Re: Red eCos: Going, Going, Gone

Gary Thomas wrote:

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 07:30, Eddie Correia wrote:

Hello everyone:

I apologize for the error; the information I found on eCos history was
obviously wring and we will run a correction.

I'll be in touch with more specifics about how this happened in a few

So what ever happened with this? It's now [nearly] March 1, and I've not heard anything.

It's March 1 now :-)

Eddie said he would print a retraction/correction for one of the points (i.e. the one about you creating eCos) in the next edition but made no mention of correcting the remaining timeline errors, nor the mistakes in the article, nor the mis-quotes. He did mention he will contact us again when he is off-deadline.

-- Alex


At 08:37 AM 2/17/2004, Gary Thomas wrote:

First of all, I want it to be known that I was not consulted in any
about this article. As has been mentioned many times, I was just a player in the creation of eCos, and was most certainly a late one at

On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 05:53, Alex Schuilenburg wrote:

Jonathan Larmour wrote:

Alex Schuilenburg wrote:

Hi Eddie

I just read your article
and was quite astounded by one of the facts you claim - "1998 ­


Thomas develops the Embedded Cygnus Operating System (eCos)."

This is *totally* incorrect. The original architect of eCos

was Nick

Garnett who developed eCos in 1996, along with the original

team of

Bart Veer and Paul Beskeen. The first release of eCos was in

1997, at

least a year before Gary Thomas joined Cygnus in 1998. Gary


approximately the 6th member to join the eCos team around the


Cygnus first released eCos publically.

From my recollection, at least Paul, Nick, Bart, Hugo, Stu G,

Rob S,

Chris Provenzano, Daniel Neades, John Dallaway, myself, Chris


Jesper, Simon Fitzmaurice, Mark Galassi and arguably Gary O, Liz


Marc were members of the eCos team before Gary joined. That

makes Gary

between the 14th and 17th eCos team member. It's okay Alex, it


before your time too :-).

In that context, you can understand the surprise at such a


Perhaps there was some misunderstanding given Gary's much longer


and experience with PPC Linux as its main original developer?

Or RedBoot, since Gary did write that, although he wrote that

while at

Red Hat during 2000/2001 approx. Gary could give more exact times


the birth of RedBoot when he confirms the inaccuracies of the


RedBoot grew out of internal needs and customer demands starting in

Another major inaccuracy in the timeline [sidebar] from the article
that eCosCentric was not formed until mid to late summer of 2002,
after I had been laid off and the rest [the contingent in the UK]
been provided notice of redundancy.

I, too, am appalled at the level of error in this article and
appeal to the author and/or publisher to provide corrections to the

Gary Thomas <>
MLB Associates

Edward J. Correia
Senior News Editor
Software Development Times
Phone - 516-922-2101 x100
BZ Media LLC - USA

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