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Re: Red eCos: Going, Going, Gone

Andrew Lunn wrote:


I presume you are going to submit such a letter?

Yes, just after I finish writing that other letter where another paper quoted Gary Thomas as one of the three founding members (there were 9) of eCosCentric, he left eCosCentric in 2002 because we were supposedly in "financial difficulties" (a neat trick given we were not even trading at that time), attributing the renaming name of eCos to Gary, and describing arbitrary former eCos developers as "the original eCos team". Oh, and Gary still works for Mind - apparently :-)

I won't point you to the article publically as I don't want to give the article any creditability in this public archive. Gary will probably guess the paper as they obviously interviewed and misquoted him and will probably contact him again once I send off that email to confirm my corrections - in writing.

What I really do not understand is how reporters can get things so wrong so consistently.

Stating the blindingly obvious:
            "Don't believe what you read in the papers"

-- Alex


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