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Re: [ECOS] Re: RE : [ECOS] Licence consideratios.

Jonathan Larmour wrote:
This is the license in question.

IANAL of course, but I believe it is incompatible: "[...] linking other files with RTEMS objects to produce an executable application, does not
by itself cause the resulting executable application to be covered
by the GNU General Public License."

This will be linked with non-RTEMS objects. Therefore the full GPL would apply, therefore it is not acceptable, sorry. We can put it up in our contributions section, but not include it in the main source base.

Sorry, I didn't finish like intended.... I just want to check, do people agree with my interpretation?


Andrew Lunn wrote:

In fact, licence terms were not included into the files I downloaded.
I have contacted the original contributor that said to me the package
was released under "RTEMs licence".
Regarding the name of four licences, I assumed it was "Primary licence".

Then I have included RTEMs "Primary licence" terms into files and
submited those files to the original contributor for agreement.
He gave me this agreement.

But I can't switch to eCos licence as, I think, all contributors should
give their agreement.


Is this a problem to include files into eCos distribution?

Now we know which license we are talking about, we can read it and see if its compatible. Andrew

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