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Re: [ECOS] Re: RE : [ECOS] Licence consideratios.

Jonathan Larmour wrote:
This is the license in question.

IANAL of course, but I believe it is incompatible: "[...] linking other files with RTEMS objects to produce an executable application, does not
by itself cause the resulting executable application to be covered
by the GNU General Public License."

This will be linked with non-RTEMS objects. Therefore the full GPL would apply, therefore it is not acceptable, sorry. We can put it up in our contributions section, but not include it in the main source base.

Okay, I'm being noisy here, but now on rereading/rethinking, I think I'm wrong on the above reasoning.

However there is still an issue.... right now we allow any works based on eCos to be distributed with the GPL exception clause. This permits people to distribute unlinked or partially linked objects, e.g. libtarget.a etc. with no further restrictions than if they distributed other binaries.

The RTEMS license only permits executable applications to be distributed with the exception, so if someone distributes libtarget.a, then it becomes fully GPL'd, and so their whole application would become GPL'd. This is an undesirable new restriction.

So yes there is still a problem and I'll send that to ecos-discuss.

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