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Re: lwip, ppp, advertising clause

Andrew Lunn wrote:
Hi Jifl

I've taken a quick look at lwip to see if we can import it. The PPP
code has an advertising clause. How does that affect eCos? As far as i
know the rest of eCos is all free of these clauses. So should we leave
ppp out or lwip?

It can depend on the advertising clause for a start. The original UCB advertising clause can be removed (see <>). However other nutters have sometimes modified files, and put in their own advertising clause (short-sighted!).

As a result, we already have some files affected by the advertising clause in the net stack which is why the net stack doesn't have the eCos GPL on it. Given that, there's no reason why we can't include more code in principle although without advertising clause would be a lot better. The code would like the net stack not be GPL'd, but use the same header as the net stack (if one is going to be added).

I gather some people in the *BSD projects have been contacting original authors to get them to rescind the advertising clause on their files, so it's possible we could go back and check what they've come up with; but I don't know the state of that and it would take a little time to run through every affected file.

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