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Re: lwip license p.s.

[ maintainers list cc'd ]
Jani Monoses wrote:
On Tue, 27 Apr 2004 09:25:30 +0100
Jonathan Larmour <> wrote:

Just by the way, have a look at the thread about lwip and ppp on ecos-maintainers in the archive from 15th april:

I forgot in the recent mail I sent that ppp requires special treatment.

I read those posts back then and now again. What I understand is that ppp too can go in ecos but it would have been better if it did not have the adv clause.

Hmmm, I've just had a look myself at I can't see any file with an advertising clause. Andrew, what files were you thinking of when you said about the advertising clause before?

Although I am still not usre which files can/should have the GPL header
and which cannot.

This may be a non-issue if there is no advertising clause. If there is an advertising clause, then the whole lwip package should _not_ be GPL'd. The GPL is incompatible with the advertising clause.

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