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Assignment query & tree organization

I already sent a mail to devel mailing list asking how to insert a new
target into eCos source tree.
Gary Thomas answered me and I think there is no problem to sign a copyright
assignment if needed.
Now I would like to evaluate the effort to get the contribution accepted
into the tree.
Let me resume what I did for our new processor in this way you can estimate
the distance between what I did in the ecos tree and what you expect:
1) I created a new hal entry called diopsis/arch (part number:AT572D740)
this is essentially a copy of arm/arch with modifications in vector.S and
some vector routines for the DSP. Some other modifications are planned to
extend diopsis capabilities.
2) I created a new hal entry called diopsis/atjtst that contains the code
for two platforms that use diopsis. Most of code is derived from the
AT91(EB0) porting.
3) I added two entries into ecos.db containing these two new platforms.


Andrea Michelotti <>
- Atmel Rome

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