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Re: Ecos port to RVDS + new board port

Balasubramaniam, Harish wrote:
Hi Ecos Owners,
We have successfully ported Ecos source to use Arm compiler (instead of

That sounds very interesting indeed. Lots of people have asked about that, and we've usually considered it too difficult. How did you deal with constructor priority ordering? It'll certainly be an interesting set of changes!

 We have also created a new HAL port for one of our upcoming chips
(tested in both gcc & armcc).


 We would like to know how to contribute these extensions to public

We've got a write-up here, and it's probably not worth me repeating it all:

But we should probably talk in more detail about the copyright assignment... we've talked to people in Intel before who have had some difficulty in persuading the Intel legal department to assign copyright. I'd be interested to know if you have any perspective on this. There may be other routes we can take to handle this which we don't normally take though, but we could make an exemption for a well-known reputable company like Intel.

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