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Re: New Assignment: netarm ethernet DD from harald.brandl at

The attachement appears to have been corrupted, so resent...

-- Alex

Alex Schuilenburg wrote:
[Please print your name here]
DI(FH)Harald Brandi

[For the copyright registration, what country are you a citizen of?] Austria

[What year were you born?] 1979

[Please write your email address here] harald.brandl at

[Please write your address here, so we can mail a signed copy of the agreement
back to you]
DI(FH) Harald Brandl Thajagraben 24 A-8812 St. Blasen

[Please write a brief description of the contribution]
I have written an Ethernet device driver for the NETARM platform. The driver employs DMA transfers and includes an assembler routine for fast data transfers in order to increase throughput.

[Which files have you changed so far, and which new files have you written so


MII.c, netarm eth_drv.c eth_regs.h, MII.h, netarm_eth_drv.h netarm_eth_driver. cdl

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