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Re: [ECOS] Status of eCos copyright assignments to the FSF?

You raise a lot of points, which i will just address three.

> >>both Paul and I are happy to engage Red Hat legal once again to pursue 
> >>this matter with the maintainers blessing.

RedHat appears to be ignoring all emails from the maintainers. Why do
you think they will not ignore you as well? How are you different from

> >>Failing that, I suggest that you rather draft an open letter (sent 
> >>registered) 

I don't see the difference between a registered mail letter and an
email. We all use email every day. We know that if we don't receive a
bounce, its very likely it landed in the recipients inbox. All a
registered letter tells us it reached the receptionist on the front
desk. Either way, it just as easy to file into /dev/null. 

To me, the deliverary mechansim is not important. What is important is
to try to find out why RH policy is to forward everything to

> I can understand your frustrations, but you should not let them get in 
> the way of what you want to achieve nor let them alienate you from the 
> people you need support from.

What i find frustrating is not the time its taking, its the lack of
dialog. Why does RH simply not reply saying,

"We are working on it, it should be done any time soon",


"Sorry for the delay. We consider it a low priority task, and our
legal team was overloaded by that SCO thing... Hopefully we can get to
this sometime soon..."

The experiance from the last year is that all our attempts to start a
dialog by sending emails to various people does not work. So what we
need is some other way of kick starting the dialog. Maybe this comes
down to one of us actually phyically going and knocking on the door?


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