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RH Response

[ Apologies if this is received twice - first send didn't work because of HTML attachment ]

Looks like the discussion is now irrelevant, as per the attached message. Applying just a little more pressure worked!

I will now turn my sights to the FSF.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	Re: eCos copyright assignment to FSF
Date: 	Sun, 02 Jan 2005 09:13:34 -0500
From: 	Mark Webbink <>
To: 	Jonathan Larmour <>
References: 	<>


I discussed this with FSF early in the summre and provided a draft
assignment to which I never received a confirming response (that it was
acceptable).  When I didn't hear back from FSF right away, the subject
fell off my radar.  I will proceed with executing the document this week
and forwarding it to FSF.


Jonathan Larmour wrote:

Hi Mark,

As per my last mail and my attempts to phone you, the eCos maintainers are getting increasingly unhappy about the lack of progress with the copyright assignment despite it now being nearly a full calendar year from the announcement (and much much longer than that since we started down the road of trying to work with the FSF and resolve licensing with Red Hat). We want to work with you and help in any way we can, in an entirely positive way. But things are starting to drag out longer than is sensible.

I know the year has been busy for you, and we aren't trying to get this all done and dusted in a few days. We would just like some... any!... feedback from you on the current status of this, and some outline of when we can expect things to be complete. At this time, this is all we'd need to believe that Red Hat is going to move forward with the public commitment made for which it deservedly earned kudos in the wider tech community, slashdot, etc.

If we can't even get a response on this, even if just a very brief summary, hopefully taking just a few minutes of your time, then understandably we'll be unsure whether Red Hat really is serious, and although a decision has not been made, some of the maintainers have been suggesting making a public statement on this to make matters clear (rather than always having to tell people "watch this space"), probably on the 1 year anniversary of Red Hat's press release - 13th January. Of course if we can enter into _some_ level of dialog then that would make us a lot happier and is trivial to achieve!

Please feel free to reply to either me directly, the publically archived maintainers list: or the entirely private maintainers list :

And, again, if there's anything I can do to help or expedite things, please let me know. I'm happy to help.


eCos maintainer

--["No sense being pessimistic, it wouldn't work anyway"]-- Opinions==mine

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