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Re: FSF status

Andrew Lunn wrote:
Hi Jifl

Hows it going with FSF?

Are you still trying to get the eCosCentric copyright assignment
sorted out?

Yes it is still waiting on them, allegedly their legal department. The "copyright clerk" Jonas Jacobson replied to me not that long ago seeming to forget much of the thousands of words I have already written to him (much at his own request) and almost bringing things back to square one. He says there are "issues" but then doesn't say what they are. I'm not convinced FSF legal have looked at this at all yet. In my view, I have a clear and minor change suggested to their standard copyright assignment wording, and there has not been any problem mentioned with it, other than the fact it isn't the boiler plate copyright assignment.

All in all, I'm moving past "disappointed" to "irritated" in how they're dealing with this. Were it not for eCosCentric's public undertaking to get this stuff assigned, I'd have thrown in the towel on this ages ago.

The only reason we can't use their standard assignment template is that it assigns all code in "eCos" which is something eCosCentric cannot be expected to do as eCosCentric develops extensions to eCos which are not to be assigned. You would have thought this would be a simple concept, and one the FSF would have already had to deal with, but it appears not.

I reckon there would be some surprised people out there if they found out that if you assign to the FSF, you assign all code you ever write associated with that project, even code you didn't intend to contribute and haven't even told them about.

Given that this issue is straightforward and there's nothing secret about it, I don't mind forwarding my past correspondence to any maintainer who wants it, but I wouldn't want to bore (or irritate) anyone with it unless you do.

Anyway, I have been back and forward, and my last missive to them was 2006-08-25, to which I am still awaiting a response.

eCosCentric    The eCos and RedBoot experts
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