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Re: FSF status

Andrew Lunn wrote:
The only reason we can't use their standard assignment template is that it assigns all code in "eCos" which is something eCosCentric cannot be expected to do as eCosCentric develops extensions to eCos which are not to be assigned.

Are there any other FSF projects which have a commercial company
associated?  Like Wine/crossover office?

I've looked up that one, and WINE is not assigned to the FSF. I'll try to think of some other companies where the main project is assigned to the FSF but other bits wouldn't be. I know that Red Hat and Novell/SuSE do have a blanket assignment anyway, so not them.

Could you could find such a
setup which have already been through this process and use there
assignemt. Ask the company for a copy of what they used. You would
then have a strong position to argue from that the FSF accepted this
exact wording before, so there is no need for the legal people to be
really involved.....

I've already asked this of the FSF directly in prior correspondence and they claimed no-one's ever raised this before.

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