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A few weeks ago, I secretly set up MoinMoin wiki at - MoinMoin is the wiki software on sourceware and used by other projects (including

As you may have seen on ecos-discuss, Grant Edwards was volunteering to help with things, so I've suggested that would be a helpful thing for him to work on. Updated web info was certainly one of the things to sort out for a release, and as I said before, I thought a wiki was a much better collaborative way to do it, and no-one objected to the idea :). But even better if someone's happy to look at it. For now, he said he'd look at transferring over the FAQ, which is certainly the highest priority since I've already had problems keeping it alive on sourceware, but there are also quite a few of the static pages that could be wikified. Not everything is appropriate I agree, but FAQ-y things, and things aimed at eCos contributors and developers (as opposed to newbies and bog standard users) are good for that. Ease of update, easiness for contributors to get involved, and better content management are of course the main advantages.

If you want to see other examples of moinmoin in action you can look at the other sourceware project users:

and of course MoinMoin's own site:
which lists some nice examples including:
[ etc.etc.etc.]

Some of them look quite nice, although it may take a while for us to reach that level!

BTW, Grant, can you let me know what wikiname you'll be using so I can give it read/write/admin rights, thanks.

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