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FSF assignment policy

Alex at eCosCentric has been informed by the FSF, contrary to what he had
believed before and informed us, that *new* copyright assignments from new
contributors can no longer be transferred from eCosCentric to the FSF.
Therefore all assignments requested from now on must be direct to the FSF.

I will put updating the assignments web pages high on my todo list.

Until then, here's the text I've been using in my mails to people asking
for assignments. Feel free to borrow:
A guide to submitting changes to eCos is here:
<>. Although in fact some of what is
described at that link has been overtaken by recent events, so that instead
of assigning copyright to eCosCentric, it is now required to assign
copyright to the Free Software Foundation (FSF). This copyright assignment
is a requirement in order for the FSF to defend eCos from license abuses.

To request an assignment form, please fill in the form in the following
link and e-mail it to <>:


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Registered in England and Wales: Reg No 4422071.
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