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Re: Code contribution

Vitali Fridliand wrote:
> Dear maintainers,
> I have made a port of eCOS Redboot to ST Microelectronics SPEArNet MCU.
> The port includes Redboot RAMROM configuration, ROM configuration,
> ethernet driver for the integrated MAC110, serial driver for the
> integrated RS323.
> How it would be possible to contribute the port to the code base?

Hi Vitali,

The first step to get out of the way is getting a copyright assignment in
place with the Free Software Foundation (FSF). To request the assignment
form, you need to first fill in the form at this link:
and email it to <>.

We should get notified when the process is complete, after which we can
look at getting the contribution incorporated. You can either create the
contribution in our bugzilla database (> or
mail it to <>. For large bodies of new
code, probably the best thing to do is send the new files in a tarball, and
any changes as a patch (usually created by something like "cvs -q diff -u5

You may find this useful:
and if submitting via bugzilla:

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