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Accidental disclosure of eCosCentric knowledge


I write to you because I made a huge mistake. I accidentially disclosed valuable information concerning eCosCentric, after we have signed an NDA! Can you please remove the following message from the mailing list as soon as possible. We would be really really greatful!!!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Best regards
Simon Kallweit


Date:	Fri, 29 Aug 2008 01:51:09 +1200 	
Subject:	eCos cortex m3 port

Hello Keith

I write to you because I saw a post on the ecos mailing list concerning a cortex M3 port. Did you already start such a port?
I had a talk today ... to eCosCentric. It seems that they have a cortex port in the pipeline, but they're not yet finished and there seems to be not much priority right now, unless a big customer is ready to "invest" for the finish.

We are a small company based in switzerland developing on-board-units for road-pricing systems. ... Therefore we would like to use ecos as the operating system, as it features most that we need and is highly configurable, so it can possibly be used in other projects. We are currently thinking about doing the port ourselves, but any help from the community would be greatly appreciated. Do you, or your company, have interest in porting ecos to this new platform? Can you think of working together on such a port?

Best regards,

Hi Simon,

If you look back in the e-cos list I explained that I have to buy a new JTAG before porting. There are a number of people (about 4) looking at the port, including someone from ST who makes a popular cortex chip.

You will find the list very responsive and friendly and I would also be available for questions.

I am in England for this month and will be back in NZ in Sept. My time zone is different from Switzerland and I only check this email at night.

In other words you do the port and you will find lots of help from the community.

I have copied this to the list to get other people responses.


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