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eCos 3.0 beta 1 punch list #1

eCos Maintainers

Following discussion with Jifl today, the initial release will be
referred to as "eCos 3.0 beta 1" and will be announced to ecos-discuss
only for testing by the eCos community. Assuming there are no
significant issues, this will be followed by the final release 1-2 weeks

Please note that the CVS repository is still frozen but should re-open
soon for final commits before the release branch is cut. If you are
aware of patches which you would like to commit before we branch but
could have a destabilizing effect, please discuss on this list first.

Here is the current punch list for eCos 3.0 beta 1:

a) Constructor priority re-ordering work. (bartv)

b) CDL changes to split compiler warning flags out into a separate CDL
option. (bartv)

c) Addition of eh_frame section to SH3 .ldi files to allow for linking
of the cxxsupp test. (john)

d) Fix/workaround for linking of cxxsupp test for ARM targets using the
old arm-elf toolchain based on gcc-3.2.1. (jifl)

e) Reverting of eCos build for ebsa285 (StrongARM) target to use arm-elf
toolchain in line with other StrongARM targets. (john)

f) Verification of eCos build under Cygwin binary mode filesystem. (john)

g) Final ConfigTool tweaks. (john)

h) review/update. (john/jifl)

i) Review of i386 and MIPS32 linking issues reported previously to
ensure everything is now resolved. (jifl)

j) Investigation and workaround for m68k compiler issue at -O0
-fomit-frame-pointer with CYGDBG_USE_ASSERTS. (jifl)

k) Removal of obsolete package CYGPKG_DEVS_FLASH_SST_39VF400 from
repository. (john)

l) Removal of ecos.db package records for the deprecated
CYGPKG_*_COLDFIRE* packages to avoid end-user confusion. (john)

m) Test of support for multiple releases in ecos-install.tcl. (john)

n) Cygwin-hosted sh-elf toolchain spin to match linux-hosted version
dated 2009-01-21. (jifl)

o) Addition of CYGPKG_IO_SPI to relevant target records in ecos.db. (john)

Everyone, please advise me immediately of any other critical issues for
eCos 3.0 known to you. Changes between the beta 1 and final releases
will be limited to issues revealed during beta 1 evaluation.

While the beta 1 release is being exercised by the community, we can
work on website updates for eCos 3.0. Many site changes are desirable,
but not necessarily critical, for the final release. Jifl will generate
a list of what _he_ is intending to tackle in this period in advance.
This will include:

* Copyright assignment information update (blocker for 3.0 final)
* Completion of eCos FAQ transfer from FAQ-O-Matic to Wiki
* Update of hardware table

Please feel free to offer updates to other aspects of the site and
liaise via this list to avoid conflicts and/or duplicated effort.

John Dallaway
eCos 3.0 release manager

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