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Re: #!/usr/bin/env tclsh

>>>>> "John" == John Dallaway <> writes:

    John> This patch simplifies the #! magic used to invoke Tcl
    John> scripts by using "/usr/bin/env tclsh" to find the tclsh
    John> executable. Very old Cygwin installations providing only
    John> tclsh83.exe or cygtclsh80.exe are no-longer supported.
    John> Checked-in.

Actually, this patch has broken things in various ways. Consider e.g.
file2c.tcl in the romfs package. The CDL invokes this using e.g.:

  sh file2c.tcl testromfs_le.bin testromfs_le.h

With the old magic this still worked fine because sh would ignore the
#! at the start completely and move on to the 'exec sh -c' on line 3.
With the new '#!/usr/bin/env tclsh' the sh invocation ignores the
#! comment on line 1 so ends up trying to run the whole Tcl script as
a shell script. Needless to say this is not very successful.

io/framebuf is similarly affected. services/memalloc/common is not. I
have not yet checked all the other packages that use Tcl scripts.

Possible solutions are:

1) revert the change
2) remove the 'sh' bits from the relevant CDL scripts, treating the
   Tcl script as plain executables.
3) make the CDL invoke /usr/bin/env tclsh directly, treating the
   Tcl scripts as Tcl scripts.

(1) would be a bad move. I think I would prefer (3) to (2).

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