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eCos 3.0 beta 1 punch list #2

eCos Maintainers

The remaining punch list items for eCos 3.0 beta 1 are as follows:

a) Constructor priority re-ordering work. (bartv) [ Thank you for the
check-ins, Bart, is this work complete now? Please confirm. ]

d) Fix/workaround for linking of cxxsupp test for ARM targets using the
old arm-elf toolchain based on gcc-3.2.1. (jifl)

g) Final ConfigTool tweaks. (john) [ Almost complete. ]

h) review/update. (john/jifl) [ Over to Jifl now. ]

i) Review of i386 and MIPS32 linking issues reported previously to
ensure everything is now resolved. (jifl)

j) Investigation and workaround for m68k compiler issue at -O0
-fomit-frame-pointer with CYGDBG_USE_ASSERTS. (jifl)

k) Removal of obsolete package CYGPKG_DEVS_FLASH_SST_39VF400 from
repository. (john)

m) Test of support for multiple releases in ecos-install.tcl. (john)

n) Cygwin-hosted sh-elf toolchain spin to match linux-hosted version
dated 2009-01-21. (jifl)

Jifl, can you report status of the items assigned to you please? It
would also be useful if you could generate a new testfarm tarball from
anonCVS (mkanoncvstar.bash) as a further check that recent changes
haven't broken anything major. Finally, I'm unable to login at to review testfarm results at present
(apparently because "" is not a member of the
"testfarm" group). Can you sort this out please?

Thank you

John Dallaway
eCos 3.0 release manager

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