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Re: AT91EB55 and DataFlash

John Dallaway <> writes:

> Andrew Lunn wrote:
> > It looks like the requires statement is wrong, CYGPKG_ERROR is not
> > needed by dataflash. This fixes this problem, but it then explodes
> > later.
> > 
> > I think somebody from eCosCentric needs to look at this and compare
> > with there working code in their private branch.
> Andrew, many thanks for looking at this. It appears that the data type
> expected in the second parameter of the CYG_DATAFLASH_FLASH_DRIVER()
> macro has changed.
> Nick, it looks like you were the one who added the DataFlash
> declarations for AT91EB55 originally. Do you have any time to
> investigate this build failure at present?
> > /var/local/ecos-test/packages/devs/flash/arm/eb55/current/src/eb55_flash.c:76: error: initializer element is not constant
> > /var/local/ecos-test/packages/devs/flash/arm/eb55/current/src/eb55_flash.c:76: error: (near initialization for ââ)
> Please let me know either way, so I can plan accordingly.


Our emails crossed in the post. Expect to see some checkins

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