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Re: Flash subsystem update

Hi Jifl and Bart

John Dallaway wrote:

> We need to contain further slippage as far as practically possible and
> push forward with eCos 3.0. I would therefore like to ensure we have a
> well-understood plan for addressing this issue in a realistic timescale.
> Firstly, we need to understand the issues that Bart encountered in
> detail. Bart, can you provide this detail today please? Does Jifl's
> proposed workaround work for you?

Bart, thank you for the details of the technical issues.

Jifl, I think Bart makes some valid points regarding a cautious roll out
of any revised Flash API. I also appreciate your own perspective
regarding adoption the new API as part of the new major version of eCos.

Personally, I would prefer that we seize this opportunity to switch API
rather than wait for the next major release of eCos beyond 3.0. If we
switch now, the onus would be on the eCos community to deliver a verdict
on the changes through diligent testing over the beta period and I would
hope that the eCos maintainers could commit to verify RedBoot across a
diverse sample of the boards we have to hand. We do have the option to
extend the beta period, or push out a second beta, if it proves necessary.

Jifl, what are your thoughts on all this?

John Dallaway

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