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Re: eCos 3.0 beta 1 punch list #2

John Dallaway wrote:

d) Fix/workaround for linking of cxxsupp test for ARM targets using the old arm-elf toolchain based on gcc-3.2.1. (jifl)

FTR, done.

h) review/update. (john/jifl) [ Over to Jifl now. ]

I've reviewed what you sent on 2009-02-13. Looks spot on.

i) Review of i386 and MIPS32 linking issues reported previously to
ensure everything is now resolved. (jifl)

I confess I've lost the state on this a bit. Have you already checked they now link? If so then there's no need for me to duplicate that check.

j) Investigation and workaround for m68k compiler issue at -O0
-fomit-frame-pointer with CYGDBG_USE_ASSERTS. (jifl)

README will do for beta. Should be looked at more before final though.

n) Cygwin-hosted sh-elf toolchain spin to match linux-hosted version
dated 2009-01-21. (jifl)

FTR done.

Jifl, can you report status of the items assigned to you please? It
would also be useful if you could generate a new testfarm tarball from
anonCVS (mkanoncvstar.bash) as a further check that recent changes
haven't broken anything major.

Done just now.

Finally, I'm unable to login at to review testfarm results at present
(apparently because "" is not a member of the
"testfarm" group). Can you sort this out please?

As Alex may or may not have told you separately it only looked like that because the page wasn't customised for those in the 'testresults' group. Going direct to would have worked, but Alex has now customised anyway so it should all be hunkydory.

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