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Re: ecos-v3_0-branch

eCos maintainers

eCos 3.0 beta 1 is out. Many thanks to everyone who helped with this in
one way or another. Of course, our job is not yet complete. Please do
volunteer to test the beta release on the targets you have to hand and
therefore encourage the wider eCos community to do likewise.

John Dallaway wrote:

> The ecos-v3_0-branch has now been created and is currently frozen for
> 3.0 beta 1 release engineering. Feel free to resume check-ins on the trunk.

The ecos-v3_0-branch is now tagged and unfrozen. However, please limit
changes on this branch to patches which directly address issues in the
eCos 3.0 beta 1 release.

It would be helpful to ensure that a Bugzilla issue is raised (version
== "3.0beta1") for each patch so we can readily review what has been
fixed and what is outstanding.

I will add some extra components in Bugzilla for the new infrastructure
packages. Do we really need to split out documentation into separate
Bugzilla components? Of course, if we did this consistently it would
double the number of Bugzilla components.

John Dallaway

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