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Re: hg conversion notes and summary

Hi Jifl,

Just another couple of updates:

Alex Schuilenburg wrote on 2009-10-17 00:37:
> Jonathan Larmour wrote:
> [...]
>>> That after all is what DRCS is all about ;-)  The only local sourceware
>>> issues may be bugzilla, notify or the hgwebdir.cgi which have seen
>>> fairly useful improvements since 1.0 (including git plugin and git views
>>> so those got fans still get the same look and feel, should you be so
>>> inclined).
>> Would the bugzilla plugin need to live on sourceware or on the
>> bugzilla machine?
> Not on the bugzilla machine, and given restricted shell access, not on
> sourceware either.

I have changed my mind on this and switched from using email to provide
bugzilla comments to using hg-bugzilla itself.  I found the email
interface has potential for pitfalls in user hg configury (smtp agent,
email address used/conversion/etc) when mixing with the patchbomb
extension, and anyway, what was I thinking - it is all distributed so
can be handled by anyone ;-)

eCosCentric will be maintaining an internal copy of the repository
anyway, so everything is configured on our hosts for bugzilla comments.
Nobody else needs to install anything, other than eCosCentric which
provides the bugzilla database anyway (and it is already installed).

The bugzilla comment will get added each time eCosCentric pulls in
changes from sourceware.  This is live now on eCosCentric repos and I
can make it live now on sourceware for you to test.  I just need to
uncomment a single line. That is, any CVS checkin or hg commit with "bug
#" in the commit message will result in a comment being added to the bug
in the bugzilla database.  The comment will appear to have been made by
the person making the commit, with links back to the repo, and the usual
bugzilla hooks (email etc) will follow.  The whole comment is fully
customisable so I have just used the one in the hg book, which was
better imho than the default.

The only additional configury was the mapping of checkin name to
bugzilla name, which I have done for all the known maintainers.

Apologies also for spamming,  I was
testing email notification as well as bugzilla comments using pulls and
forgot to uncomment the placeholder email notification.

-- Alex Schuilenburg

Managing Director/CEO                                eCosCentric Limited

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