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Re: Replacing CVS - time to vote

On 06/05/10 17:46, Jonathan Larmour wrote:
> I'd like people to reply, even if the answer is "don't care". If not
> everyone has replied by next Thursday, then I'll announce the outcome
> regardless.

All but one maintainer has now replied, but there is now a majority
decision regardless: mercurial.

There were 2 votes for git and 5 votes for mercurial, along with one
explicit "don't care which". I didn't say that it was to be anonymous (I
didn't intend it to be) but because I didn't, I won't reveal who opted for
which unless people want me to. FWIW, I preferred mercurial.

To make it happen, I'll touch base with Alex Schuilenburg as it's clear he
has experience. In particular, to find out if sourceware's hg v1.2.1 is
good enough on the server side, or if it's worth upgrading (which will
require co-ordination with sourceware overseers). By rights it should be
ok, but main concern would be making sure the hg-git plugin will work ok,
so git users will be happy.

The actual switch should be relatively straightforward given, as mentioned
before, the existence of eCosCentric's converted repo which I'd just clone
wholesale. But before any roll-out we'll need to update web pages about
anoncvs. I should also put together a crib sheet and committing guidelines
for maintainers.

--["No sense being pessimistic, it wouldn't work anyway"]-- Opinions==mine

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