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RE: Deleting email from mailing list?

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for making an exception. I did not realized about the other
archivers. The information is not that sensitive but it does not feel
good to have it out there.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jonathan Larmour [] 
Sent: 18. november 2010 04:25
To: Christophe Coutand
Subject: Re: Deleting email from mailing list?

Christophe Coutand wrote:
> Hi,
> For an unknown reason, when responding a question on the discuss
> list, another professional email got attached to my response. I cannot
> understand how this has happened but I would appreciate if it was
> possible to delete it. 
> The email is dated from November 15 at 19:41.

It's not easy (and not strictly policy as per ), but I did do it. 
However the horse has already bolted... there are other archivers out 
there such as,,, etc.etc. and we

can do nothing about those. That's the reason for the policy, since it's

pretty much futile anyway.

------["The best things in life aren't things."]------

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