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Re: Redboot jumb patch

On Mon, 2002-08-05 at 09:12, Andrew Lunn wrote:
> Hi Folks
> Here is a patch for redboot. I needed to make redboot smaller so that
> i could squeeze it into the same space an older, less feature rich
> version used. I've made more of the commands conditional
> compilable. Being able to leave out xzymodem when using networking
> helps a lot. The linker then leaves out all the crc16 code which has a
> big table etc. Unless you are running linux, the exec command is a
> waste of space so i've also made is possible to disabled that. Thats
> was not so easy since each HAL provides this command. I had to modify
> quite a few HALs.

I don't understand your changes.  Most (if not all) of the HALs have
something like this (in their CDL) for enabling/disabling the Linux
boot code:

        cdl_option CYGSEM_REDBOOT_ARM_LINUX_BOOT {
            display        "Support booting Linux via RedBoot"
            flavor         bool
            default_value  0
            description    "
               This option enables RedBoot to support booting of a Linux kernel."

            compile -library=libextras.a redboot_linux_exec.c

Can you check your patches against the current (trunk) CVS and make sure
that there is not already CDL in place to handle the Linux boot stuff?

The rest of the changes are fine - they provide more granular control over
the size & scope of the RedBoot image.

> I also fixed one bug in the boot script code. See my recent
> ecos-discuss email.

This is also good, thanks.

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