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Re: Redboot jumb patch

On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 05:10, Andrew Lunn wrote:
> > I don't understand your changes.  Most (if not all) of the HALs have
> > something like this (in their CDL) for enabling/disabling the Linux
> > boot code:
> Actually, only the ARM has this. The other its not possible to turn it
> off. What i've done is taken out most of the #ifdef's i put in and
> replaced them with changes to the CDL. I've now made the compilation
> of redboot_linux_exec.c active_if CYGBLD_BUILD_REBOOT_WITH_EXEC. This
> is uniform across all HALs. The only exception, ironically, is the
> ebsa285. This HAL just does it differently to start with and the file
> has a different name etc. 

In fact, the EBSA code should probably be removed.  The code in the
ARM architecture HAL is supposed to be generic for all ARM platforms.

The rest of your changes follow pretty much what I said before - that
there is CDL to handle this.  You've added a central switch for doing
the enable/disable, which I think is fine.

The AAED change should use 'active_if', not 'requires'

Also, please use "-u" for your diffs, at least the ones you post.  We've
all gotten used to reading that form and trying to decipher any other
form is unfamiliar and thus prone to errors.

> I've configured redboot work trees where possible to see if i've
> broken anything. I don't have the tool chains to actually compile
> everything i've modified. dreamcast redboot is broken by the way, it
> want the CYG_FS_ISO packages which does not appear to be in ecos.db.

I'll check into that, thanks.

As for verification - this is a common problem.  Since we no longer
have access to the Red Hat test farm (which had pretty much one of 
every board type) to test against, we'll have to just make sure that
any affected platforms can still build and hope that the community
provides feedback when things break.  Of course, if you have access
to a particular platform, it should be checked as much as possible.

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