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Re: Redboot jumb patch

> In fact, the EBSA code should probably be removed.  The code in the
> ARM architecture HAL is supposed to be generic for all ARM platforms.

Feel free to remove it. We don't run Linux on our EBSA devices, so i
would not even know if you broke it!
> The rest of your changes follow pretty much what I said before - that
> there is CDL to handle this.  You've added a central switch for doing
> the enable/disable, which I think is fine.
> The AAED change should use 'active_if', not 'requires'

OK. Minor change. Please can you do this?
> Also, please use "-u" for your diffs, at least the ones you post.  We've
> all gotten used to reading that form and trying to decipher any other
> form is unfamiliar and thus prone to errors.

I could say the same of -u diffs. I find context diffs much easier to
read :-)

> As for verification - this is a common problem.  Since we no longer
> have access to the Red Hat test farm (which had pretty much one of 
> every board type) to test against, we'll have to just make sure that
> any affected platforms can still build and hope that the community
> provides feedback when things break.  Of course, if you have access
> to a particular platform, it should be checked as much as possible.

What involved in getting such a thing up and running. How much of the
software was public domain? Even if we cannot get the whole system
going, just being able to build the images would be a big step
forward. I guess have a complete test farm in one place is not likely,
but maybe we could have a number of smaller test farms at contributers
premises who have spare boards laying around.


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