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Re: Welcome to

Andrew Lunn wrote:
If you don't mind, for the time being, if you write your own patches can you still submit them for approval by any other maintainer anyway rather than going ahead and checking it in and just posting the patch?

Should this be to ecos-patches or ecos-maintainers?

A while ago i posted to ecos-patches a patch for the ftp client. Here
is what i want to commit:
Looks absolutely fine. I saw the ChangeLog in my ecos-patches backlog which is fine too. There's no time like the present to try committing yourself :-).

Oh yes, I forgot to say one thing. When you commit, people have different habits about what the commit message should be. Some people go for the really minimal approach of just saying what changed in _each_ file. In that scenario, they normally leave the commit message for the ChangeLog file empty.

The other way some people do it is by cut'n'pasting your ChangeLog entry without the banner and using that as the text for _all_ the files, i.e. yours would be

* src/ftpclient.c: Send "quit" not "quit " to keep some servers
Also deal with multi line replies correctly

I prefer this approach as it's less work, and when you make a change it keeps the change "set" together, i.e. you'll see what other files were involved as part of this change if you do a cvs log.

Gary takes the former approach I believe, although perhaps he has emacs macros or something to help him which might be why.

Commit log messages are also important as they are what people see in the ecos-cvs list, which I certainly read, and I'm pretty sure Gary does too. Yeah, what fun lives we lead ;).

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--[ can rejoice because thorns have roses." -Lincoln ]-- Opinions==mine

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