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Re: Flash driver for MSys DOC2000

Iztok Zupet wrote:
> Hello,
> DoC Millennium firmware (bios extension) successfully replaced by
> RedBoot. This BIOS extension overwrites the default INT18 (network
> boot) or default INT19(bootstrap).

Sorry for the long delay in replying. Apologies if you have already been helped elsewhere.

Anyway, this is interesting! And I see you have a patch on ecos-patches ( ). I will get to that eventually, but right now I can say for sure that there is a copyright issue.

Normally you would need to provide a copyright assignment to Red Hat as per before we can integrate your contribution.

But I also see in this case that your contribution includes code from GRUB. This is licenced under the "vanilla" GPL, which is something we do not wish to permit in eCos code as it undermines the special licence exception text we have.

I see the code also has David Woodhouse's name on it. David, is the GRUB code, mentioned in the patch above all yours? And if so are you willing to provide it under the eCos GPL+exception as well?

If not, then I fear that we cannot integrate this patch, sorry. However we can make it available on the contributions page:

> In order to integrate booting from DoC into eCos (at least for
> PC-target) one would have to add at least two HAL_STARTUP options: -
> STARTUP_BIOS to start like a BIOS extension and - STARTUP_DISK to allow
> booting with original factory programmed DoC firmware,which essentially
> emulates a BIOS hard disk.
> I thought of integrating those two startup options into for
> the PC target, but I'm afraid it would get too complex.
> I'll appreciate any sugestions...

It could still live in the pcmb package, but perhaps in a separate .inc file included by

> Regards iz
> PS: Should the RedBoot on a PC recognize IDE disk and ext2fs
> partitions? The one I tried on my Advantech PCM4823 doesn't.

Yes, but obviously there's a chance of a bug :-). Make sure you are using the current sources. There should be a "disks" command, as per the documentation, and then you can use "load -m disk". If you type "help" you should be able to see if your RedBoot image is built to support these commands.

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