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Re: Flash driver for MSys DOC2000

David Woodhouse wrote: said:

Normally you would need to provide a copyright assignment to Red Hat
as  per before we can
integrate  your contribution.

But I also see in this case that your contribution includes code from
GRUB. This is licenced under the "vanilla" GPL, which is something we
do  not wish to permit in eCos code as it undermines the special
licence  exception text we have.

I see the code also has David Woodhouse's name on it. David, is the
GRUB  code, mentioned in the patch above all yours? And if so are you
willing to  provide it under the eCos GPL+exception as well?

The stuff in MTD CVS (grub/ directory) is all mine, IIRC. You're welcome to license it under eCos-compatible terms -- are you still actually insisting upon copyright assignment to Red Hat? Does it matter that I just assigned the copyright to the FSF so it could actually get included in Grub? :)

Any later changes which actually make the thing work probably belong to
And after some checking with David, I think the conclusion is indeed that we can now only include the patch if the FSF permit it to be included, but under our very slightly weaker licence (i.e. the exception to the GPL).

Iz, I think if you want the code included, you'll need to chat with the FSF ( ) and get their permission to use GPL'd GRUB code under the eCos licence. Until then, I'm afraid the best I can do is put the patch up on our contributions page. Sorry :-|.

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