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Re: USB ethernet host driver bug fix/minor improvement

>>>>> "David" == David Smith <> writes:

    David> 2002-07-26  David Smith  <>
    David> 	* host/ecos_usbeth.c (ecos_usbeth_probe):
    David> 	Two changes to the code that checks to see if this is
    David> 	the correct driver for the USB peripheral that was
    David> 	just loaded. Fixed a bug that was comparing the
    David> 	product id of the peripheral to the vendor id.
    David> 	Supports multiple implementations (vendor id/product
    David> 	id sets) so that the same driver could be used for
    David> 	several devices.

Sorry for the delay replying, I have checked this patch in to the
master repository on I have not actually been able
to test it since right now I do not have appropriate target-side
hardware, and my various machines were upgraded to 2.4 kernels quite a
while back so even building the driver is difficult.

Back in May I did try to update the driver to work with 2.4 kernels,
so that it would get auto-loaded courtesy of /etc/hotplug/usb.agent
etc. This mostly worked, but unfortunately I must have got something
wrong because I had a couple of unexpected crashes. Hence the work was
never checked in. If anybody is interested, let me know.


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