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Process Environment for MPC8265A (603e) ...


The following patch implements the memory protection for the PowerPC architecture. The patch was generated against the ecos repository from July 4th 2003.

Attached there is also a file BUILD.txt that describes the build environment and configuration we used. Note that there is a small error in the repository version of clock.cxx. Apart from that, everything builds without errors or warnings.

Note, that the patch also contains changes that do not directly belong to the memory protection, but were hard to separate.

These changes are: 
	(*) warnings about const/non-const issues, 
	(*) syntactical problems we had with the mempools and the roundup macro.

best regards,

Attachment: patch.process.bz2
Description: Binary data


gcc version 3.2.2


-msoft-float -mcpu=603e -Wall -Wpointer-arith -Wstrict-prototypes -Winline -Wundef -Woverloaded-virtual -g -O2 -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -finit-priority

|errors: |

packages/kernel/current/src/common/clock.cxx: In
   member function `void Cyg_Counter::add_alarm(Cyg_Alarm*)':
/home_vie1/tbinder/vcs_3020_series/vds6000/software/os/ecos/ecos/packages/kernel/current/src/common/clock.cxx:405: label
   must be followed by statement
make[1]: *** [src/common/clock.o.d] Error 1

|parts of ecos.ecc:|

# eCos saved configuration

# ---- commands --------------------------------------------------------
# This section contains information about the savefile format.
# It should not be edited. Any modifications made to this section
# may make it impossible for the configuration tools to read
# the savefile.

cdl_savefile_version 1;
cdl_savefile_command cdl_savefile_version {};
cdl_savefile_command cdl_savefile_command {};
cdl_savefile_command cdl_configuration { description hardware template package };
cdl_savefile_command cdl_package { value_source user_value wizard_value inferred_value };
cdl_savefile_command cdl_component { value_source user_value wizard_value inferred_value };
cdl_savefile_command cdl_option { value_source user_value wizard_value inferred_value };
cdl_savefile_command cdl_interface { value_source user_value wizard_value inferred_value };

# ---- toplevel --------------------------------------------------------
# This section defines the toplevel configuration object. The only
# values that can be changed are the name of the configuration and
# the description field. It is not possible to modify the target,
# the template or the set of packages simply by editing the lines
# below because these changes have wide-ranging effects. Instead
# the appropriate tools should be used to make such modifications.

cdl_configuration eCos {
    description "" ;

    # These fields should not be modified.
    hardware    jif ;
    template    net ;
    package -hardware CYGPKG_HAL_POWERPC current ;
    package -hardware CYGPKG_HAL_POWERPC_MPC82xx current ;
    package -hardware CYGPKG_HAL_POWERPC_JIF current ;
    package -hardware CYGPKG_HAL_QUICC2 current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_HAL current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_IO current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_IO_SERIAL current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_INFRA current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_ISOINFRA current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_KERNEL current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_MEMALLOC current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_LIBC current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_LIBC_TIME current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_LIBC_STDLIB current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_LIBC_STRING current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_LIBC_I18N current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_LIBC_SETJMP current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_LIBC_STARTUP current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_LIBC_STDIO current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_LIBM current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_POSIX current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_IO_WATCHDOG current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_IO_WALLCLOCK current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_ERROR current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_IO_FILEIO current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_NET current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_NET_OPENBSD_STACK current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_NS_DNS current ;
    package -template CYGPKG_IO_ETH_DRIVERS current ;
    package -hardware CYGPKG_DEVS_FLASH_STRATA current ;
    package CYGPKG_IO_FLASH current ;
    package CYGPKG_PROCESS current ;
    package CYGPKG_CRC current ;

# ---- conflicts -------------------------------------------------------
# There are no conflicts.

# ---- contents --------------------------------------------------------

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