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Re: OpenRISC eCos status

Robert Cragie wrote:
At the moment, there are two distributions: That included in the version a that included in a separate snapshot on the
OpenCores site. I assume the OpenRISC part of the code is most up to date in
the OpenCores version but that the rest of the eCos source in the OpenCores
version is lagging behind the version.


It would be very useful to get the version up to date.
There seem to be some minor outstanding issues to be resolved - would it be
possible to sort these out?

Of course ;). I'm working through my current backlog right now actually and should get back to that soon.

> If this can't be done soon, I will assume that
the most suitable starting point is therefore the OpenCores version, i.e.
there are no issues with that particular snapshot from an eCos point of
view - am I right?

Not really no, do good ahead.

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