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Re: OpenRISC eCos status

Scott Furman wrote:
Robert Cragie wrote:

It would be very useful to get the version up to date.
There seem to be some minor outstanding issues to be resolved - would it be
possible to sort these out? If this can't be done soon, I will assume that
the most suitable starting point is therefore the OpenCores version, i.e.
there are no issues with that particular snapshot from an eCos point of
view - am I right?

Note that the OpenCores version of eCos has some patches created by phoenix to "disable some stuff that caused problems with gcc-3.1". I'm not sure why such patches are necessary - I build eCos with gcc 3.1, but perhaps my configuration is different from what phoenix is building.

GCC 3.1 had some bugs tickled by eCos. These weren't fix till GCC 3.2.1.

I think the result should end up rather close to what will be in the Redhat repository eventually.

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