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RE: HAL RTC parameters fix

I only looked at the change to the innovator CDL
(hal/arm/arm9/innovator/current/cdl/hal_arm_arm9_innovator.cdl), but it
appears that your script changed the wrong thing in that file:
probably because I misfollowed the model of one of the other CDL's when I
created it.  The change that you made is innocuous enough (I originally
plugged in "calculated" for VIRTUAL_VECTOR_COMM_CHANNELS as a placeholder
against the day that I updated the comm channels to support all 3 serial
ports -- perhaps there is a better way to constrain that value), but I
thought you should know.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nick Garnett [] 
> Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 7:34 AM
> To:
> Subject: HAL RTC parameters fix
> The attached patch converts all the HALs to define the RTC constants
> with "default_value" rather than "calculated". This makes it easier to
> redfine the clock rate. The old mechanism of using the
> CYGPKG_KERNEL_COUNTERS_CLOCK_OVERRIDE component did not work very
> well, since many HALs reference CYGNUM_HAL_RTC_PERIOD directly. As
> they must to avoid introducing unnecessary dependencies on the kernel.
> The patch consequently eliminates the
> CYGPKG_KERNEL_COUNTERS_CLOCK_OVERRIDE component. The only real worry
> is that a little useful documentation has been lost -- I'm looking at
> adding something to the HAL documentation to compensate.
> While this is a simple change, it does touch a lot of files. Hence it
> is being posted here for comments before being applied.

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