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RealTek 8139 ethernet driver

Hi all,

I have developed a simple RealTek 8139 ethernet driver for eCos that
I would like to share with the eCos community. While this code may
not have production quality yet and is lacking some features (see
below), it's better than nothing. The code is in the tar file attached
to this mail; it is designed to be untared in the ecos package

There are a few things to note:

1. I wanted to test the driver in a Redboot image for an i386 PC
   over the weekend (a VIA C3-based system) - the code compiles OK,
   but I couldn't get it to boot because the system in question has
   no floppy drive and 'grub' cannot seem to boot either the binary
   or the ELF image. So for now, it's only been tested on my
   hardware at work, an Equator Dolphin board (the eCos port for
   this board is being done by Equator, and is not currently part
   of the official source tree) in interrupt driven mode. I can
   successfully run the nc_test_slave program, and download binary
   images via tftp to my board, so it seems to be working.

2. The driver is missing a number of features that I don't currently
   need or cannot easily test, and I don't see myself devoting too
   much time to this driver in the near future. So if you want SNMP
   or multicast support, you'll have to add it yourself.

3. There are a number of diagnostic messages that are printed if
   DEBUG is defined, but currently no way to define DEBUG via the
   configuration tools. This is because those messages should only
   be usefull to people working on the driver itself (who can
   muck around in the source code).

4. The source files contain the standard eCos header which I lifted
   from the Intel 82559 driver, even though the copyright has not
   yet been officially assigned to RedHat. My boss has agreed to
   OK the copyright transfer, so this should only be a matter of
   getting the paperwork done (hopefully sometime this week).

5. Finally, the code most likely does not adher to the eCos coding
   standard alluded to in the FAQ (since I couldn't find it).
|     Eric Doenges              |     DynaPel Laboratories GmbH    |
|     Tel: +49 89 962428 23     |     Fraunhoferstrasse 9/2        |
|     Fax: +49 89 962428 90     |     D - 85737 Ismaning, Germany  |

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