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Re: Fwd: RealTek 8139 ethernet driver

Eric Doenges wrote:
[ I originally sent this mail to ecos-patches; about 5 Minutes
  after hitting the 'send' button I realized I should probably
  have sent it to ecos-devel instead, because it's not really
  a patch, so I'm doing this now. I'm sorry for any
  inconvinience this may cause and hope to be more intelligent
  about using the correct mailing list in the future. ]

Actually ecos-patches is right.

4. The source files contain the standard eCos header which I lifted
   from the Intel 82559 driver, even though the copyright has not
   yet been officially assigned to RedHat. My boss has agreed to
   OK the copyright transfer, so this should only be a matter of
   getting the paperwork done (hopefully sometime this week).


5. Finally, the code most likely does not adher to the eCos coding
   standard alluded to in the FAQ (since I couldn't find it).

"By example" ;-). Unfortunately the coding standards are in a Red Hat confidential document(!). I believe in future we will be looking at GNU coding standards for new code instead of the current established practice. Certainly no code written to GNU coding standards will be turned away.

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