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RE: Proposal for supporting IXRD425 HAL support in RedBoot v1.92

-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew Lunn []
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 3:02 PM
To: Thevar, Balakesan P
Subject: Re: Proposal for supporting IXRD425 HAL support in RedBoot


>   IXRD425 is an another board based on IXP425 processor family
> similar to IXDP425 (Richfield) and GRG (Coyote).  I created the
> IXRD425 HAL support for RedBoot v1.92, originally downloaded from:

Second silly question. Is this publicly released? Its a hidden
directory, so unless you know its there, you cannot access it.

	Thats correct. I am not sure about how one can add a feature into this 
	code. Anybody has any contact info about this?.
> I made IXRD425 HAL support as an ecos package, so that we can
> install it to the RedBoot v1.92.
> Can I send the ecos package for IXRD425 board support?. I also have
> the IXRD425 hardware ready for testing the RedBoot.  Is there any
> procedure involved, please do let me know.  -Bala

You will need to assign the copywrite to RedHat. See Our past experience is
that Intel won't sign such an agreement. Maybe this time it will be

 	Understood. Can anyone point to a contact person in RedHat who is 
	responsible for the directory in redhat FTP site - 
	I want to add our board (IXRD425) support on this code.


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