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Re: ISR/DSR without kernel present

On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 11:33, Nick Garnett wrote:


> > > So, what do you actually want RedBoot interrupts for?
> > 
> > Redboot is much more than just a debugger, isn't it ? I am implementing
> > a bootp like functionality on top of the CAN/CANopen fieldbus, allowing
> > our distributed motion controller to get its application software from
> > the CAN bus rather than from flash. Getting this operational without
> > interrupts might be possible but will certainly not be trivial.
> I don't see why polling wouldn't work here. After all, we run an
> entire TCP stack on top of polled device drivers. You just need to
> make sure your polling code goes into the main redboot polling loop. A
> bit of code and some CDL should deal with that.
> But, of course, it's open source so you are free to do what you want!

Main problem is time here. We have the protocol stack, and it uses
interrupts. I certainly do not have the time to find out how that beast
(and it really is an ugly one :-) works internally and completely
rewrite the device drivers.

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