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Patch: Platform HAL (ecos) port for Samsung's ARM9 processor board, SMDK2410


I am sending the patch for the Samsung's ARM920T processor board (SMDK2410) port. The patch was created using the following command:

$ diff -u5 -N -r <Thanks to NickG & all who help me in this>

About files under ?include/pkgconf?:

The .ldi & .h files where hand coded & so you wouldn?t find the corresponding .mlt?s.

FYI: I have already mailed in the paperwork for the copyright assignment to Redhat & it also got accepted. Please refer to the following email on the ?ecos-maintainers? mailing list:
July 09, 2003 18:41 New Assignment

Let me know if you need any kind of help from me in perfecting this patch or making it useable or making it align with the standards by the eCOS community.

Thanks & Cheers everybody,

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