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Re: RealTek 8139 driver, 2. revision

Gary Thomas wrote:

I've now tested this on another platform (ARM Xscale). I had to make
a couple of changes:
* As I mentioned before, on some systems the CPU and PCI bus masters
don't address memory using the same addresses (some translation is
* I experienced problems with the Rx buffer data because the buffers
were cacheable. On some systems (this one and most PowerPC), the
CPU may not see changes to data which happens to already be in the
CPU cache. I got around this by using a non-cached address to
access the Rx data. n.b. this may not be sufficient for all platforms.

Other than that, it was pretty easy to integrate and get working.

Well, the code was pretty easy to write 8^). Kudos to whoever designed the API for ethernet drivers - it's simple and easy to understand.

Any ideas when the paperwork will be signed?

I got it signed today and will send it on it's way tomorrow. -- -------------------------------------------------------------------- | Eric Doenges | DynaPel Laboratories GmbH | | Tel: +49 89 962428 23 | Fraunhoferstrasse 9/2 | | Fax: +49 89 962428 90 | D - 85737 Ismaning, Germany | --------------------------------------------------------------------

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