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RE: at91 HAL patch

> > Well, we already have the CYGHWR_HAL_ARM_AT91 option that 
> must be set
> > in the platform HAL to select the correct AT91 variant. This is used
> > in var_io.h to differentiate between different power-saving
> > devices. The same option should be used to select different sets of
> > PIO pin definitions. 
> True. To avoid problems the recently added definitions should 
> be surrounded with the good #ifdef #endif directive.

The definitions I added are correct for the AT91x40xxx that I regularly
work with. If these are different for other AT91 devices (I do not know
about these), go ahead and add suitable #ifdefs.

Of course, the HAL could be forked again into a AT91x40 and a AT91x55
branch, for example. Such branches may be more manageable, but of course
it would be more difficult to exploit similarities between those

Thomas Koeller, Software Development 

Basler Vision Technologies 
An der Strusbek 60-62 
22926 Ahrensburg 

Tel +49 (4102) 463-390 
Fax +49 (4102) 463-46390 

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