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Re: at91 HAL patch

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003 15:39:34 +0200
"Koeller, T." <> wrote:

> Just another related thought:
> Wouldn't it be more sensible to include the platform header
> (plf_io.h) at the end of var_io.h instead of near the beginning,
> as is the case now? Then its contents could refer to the
> definitions contained in var_io.h, for example, assign
> meaningful (in the platform context) names to I/O pins.
> tk

Yes, it is possible. But if you do that, all board (at91/ebxx or at91/custom_board) that uses the same mcu (say at91r40807) will provide the same definitions in their own plf_io.h .
PIO bit definitions should definitively be in var_io.h . As at91/var provide support for several mcus, it should also provide PIO bit definitions for each of them.
IMHO, at91_var shall contain the user API (eg register definitions) and include processor specific var_io.h like file for bit field definition (include/x40/x40_pio_pins.h, include/x55/x55_pio_pins.h, ...).


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